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Update on Our 2019 Mission Plan…  
Reaching Out With Jesus!

In the months ahead our Worship and Christian Education Committees will be discussing how to take worship and Christian education out into our Owosso community. Both committees are discovering exciting possibilities of going out to be with non-members and non-believers with basic, yet meaningful, dynamics of worship and education that entail a Christian flare. In connection with these efforts, our Evangelism and Property Committees will deliberating how to make our church more hospitable to visitors who have chosen to enter the Church through our church doors. On top of all this, our church council will be discerning how our congregation can understand and seek more fruitfulness and excellence in our mission and ministry efforts.

Jesus did not, and does not, and will not, sit passively waiting for people to come to him. Rather, Jesus pursues all people all the time. As his followers, so should we. And with your prayers and participation, so we will!

Jesus stepped into the lives of people of all types: Jews and Gentiles, women and men, neighbors and strangers, the up-and-coming and the down-and-out, even though his disciples often tried to restrain him from doing so. Jesus’ ministry was on the road, an itinerant conveyer of the grace of God. Serving God and his grace, Jesus “crossed” over many different boarders. As his follower, so should we. And with your prayers and participation, so we will!'

May God and his Word, may God and his Spirit, guide us and inspire us, so that we at Redeemer Lutheran Church may be a living part of his Body of Faith, Hope, and Love. Come Lord Jesus.